Difference between multisite: true and sync for blueprints

The new multisite feature in OC 3.1 is absolutely great!
Though I read the docs regarding this a couple of times, I couldn’t fully understand the difference between setting a blueprint to multisite: true and multisite: sync.

Hey @federico.schafer! :smiley:

The difference between true and sync translates to sync being enabled or disabled.

When sync mode is enabled:

  • the system treats every record as the same object across all sites; if you create a record in Site A, it will always have a linked record in Site B.

  • specific properties are shared, so if the Site A record is published, then the Site B record will also be published. The same with the scheduled date, expiry date, enabled state and other properties that are helpful to sync by default. It is always possible to override these preferences in the blueprint.

This is typically useful for multilingual sites, for example, a site in English and a site in French. It can also be helpful for shared data across sites, like blog post categories.

Then when sync mode is disabled:

  • all records are standalone, so a blog post in Site A may not need to exist in Site B.

  • it is still possible to manually sync by toggling between sites whilst the record is open. The system will prompt you before doing it.

This is typically useful for specific content for different sites, for example, a site about cats and a site about dogs. It may be a mixture of both, where perhaps blog posts do not use sync, and blog categories do.