Docker image - can't find


Because of another project, I unfortunately needed to purge my docker images. Now I try to get my october docker to run again.

The documentation says:

Start the installation script: ./ The script will detect that the octobercms-files and database-files directories already exist and will use them for the container.

Now I can’t find this

I created the october docker with the second macOS/Linux option:

Installing the Image on macOS or Linux using the interactive bash script


I found the command which let me run my october docker container again:

docker run -d -it --name octobercms --volume /Users/username/path-to-your-folder/octobercms-files:/var/www/html -p 9099:80 --volume /Users/username/path-to-your-folder/octobercms-database:/var/lib/october-mysql -p 3306:3306 octobercms/october-dev:latest

Before you do that, one must add the host directories to docker file sharing. Here’s a SO post, on how to do that:

Please check that I had to write the full path to the host directory. Also check that in my command I wanted my localhost port to be 9099.

@maki3000 thanks for sharing your solution. The documentation is wrong. We will fix it. Instead of saying

Start the installation script: ./

it should say

Start the installation script: bash -c "$(curl"

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