Downgrade October CMS or Rollback

I am using October CMS Version 1 Build 476 . I want to go back to Version 1 Build 455 . Is this possible? Either through artisan commands or using the backend

Hi and welcome @pistone45,

The source files for Build 455 can be found here:

Since they are closely related versions, you should be able to copy across everything in the modules/ directory to perform the downgrade. Make sure you take a backup first in case additional steps are required.

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So I only need the modules folder and replace it with the other? That’s all? Yes I will make sure I backup the current one first

Hopefully, this is all you need since it will keep the security update. If not, it becomes more complicated to downgrade since v1.0.472 has some critical security updates.

To clarify, this approach attempts to use:

  • core (/modules) - Build 455 (downgraded)
  • rain (/vendor/src/october/rain) - Build 476 (secure)