Dropdown field in Tailor - options vs optionsMethod

I’m using October CMS v3.6.22 and followed the docs to add a dropdown field to my Tailor blueprint:

I needed to get the dropdown options from an enum in my code so I used the optionsMethod param to point to a static class method as it mentions in the docs.

This worked fine when I created my first entity in the admin interface and it displayed the options correctly, however when I saved and returned to the list I got this:

SystemException: The model class Tailor\Models\EntryRecord must define a method getNetworkOptions() returning options for the 'network' form field. in ...modules\backend\classes\FormField.php:548

I tried changing optionsMethod to options and it all now works fine. I have since seen a post somewhere that mentioned using options for this type of thing too.

If optionsMethod is no longer to be used, can it be removed from the docs perhaps? Either that or the bug I mentioned be fixed to avoid confusion? It’s no biggie for me but thought I should point it out for others at least.

Hey @angelcoding

I’ve taken a look at this and it should work. It looks like you’ve found a bug. We’ve fixed it in the v3.6.24 release.