Dynamic translation tags

Hi everyone!
I am wondering if i can create dynamic translation keys for rainlab translate.
The idea is that in the page we set a variable lets say {% set customFilterSlug = ‘it’ %} and then the translation key would be created like this it_MyStartingKey.
Is this even possible and would it be auto detectable by rainlab translate

Hey @Edijs

In debug mode, new keys are detected when they are rendered. It is disabled when debug mode is false for performance reasons.

More recently, we are thinking about including a dedicated configuration key for this. Since it might be useful to allow it in production.

Try it with debug mode enabled, and if it is useful/works for you, reply back and we can consider adding it to this plugin.

A workaround exists too, open the app/Provider.php file and add this to the boot() method:

App::after(function() {

I found that this actually works with a bit of a delay but it does
{% set customFilterSlug = ‘it’ %}
{{ (customFilterSlug ~ 'mainSectionHeading2’)| }}

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