Email error when activating user in Rainlab.User

When manually activating a user I’m getting this error:

"October\Rain\Mail\Mailer::sendTo(): Argument #3 ($data) must be of type array, Closure given, called in [..........]/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Mail/MailManager.php on line 554" on line 169 of [..........]/vendor/october/rain/src/Mail/Mailer.php

The email is being received. The user never gets activated, but can login.
I’m not sure if this is causing other issues, but there’s no emails when registering new users anymore and nothing in the error logs either.

It might be caused by this typo, see if it helps:

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It works now, all emails are sending so far.
I have a question related to the plugin.
Searching through the topics here I found out that there will be a new users plugin for October 4.0. It will bring a lot of changes? I mean all these methods of registration, login, account etc.
Thank you for the quick fix!

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Hey @Alex

We changed direction here and decided to upgrade the RainLab plugin instead. This should keep the platform flexible and allow developers to create their own implementations if they want to.

Another thing, Laravel 11 changed its bootstrapping structure, and this means we need to wait until Laravel 12 before October v4 can be released.

As a result, these adjustments are made:

  • The user module (v4) is now RainLab.User v3
  • The proposed October CMS v4 is now October CMS v3.6.

Both have been released already.

I hope this helps.


Thank you @daft !
I was hoping to keep the plugin :slight_smile: and this is great news for our clients too!

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Hey @daft me again,
Looks like the condition


found in “plugins/rainlab/user/components/Account.php”
doesn’t work when an user is trying to activate his account from the link received by email.

I’m not sure if I’m doing this the right way, but the setup is same as in the docs for now.
On the same topic, is there a way to do this through JWT?
Thank you!

Hi Alex,

The sendEmailVerificationNotification method in the RainLab\User\Models\User\HasEmailVerification trait is responsible for adding the signature.

It is working over here, check the URL to make sure there are no typos, since it must be exact or the signature check will fail.

Regarding JWT, it looks impossible since the current implementation relies on a user session. We’ll need to modify this to enable it. An issue has been created for this here:

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