Enhancement request: InlineClasses in Markup Classes?

Is it possible to create another field for the InlineClasses in the Editor Settings → Markup Classes?
And is there the possibility to replace the default values e.g. via a plugin?

Could you elaborate what you’re trying to do with it? It’ll help more people understand.

Hi @artistro08,

well…I’ve always wondered why there isn’t a table for the inline styles under the editor settings/markup classes.

In the richeditor there is a toolbar button for inlineStyles with the values “Big Red & Small Blue” or something like that. It would be nice if these values could also be changed via the backend.

I could change the Frola editor via a plugin to add the InlineClasses…but that wouldn’t be very intuitive, at least for me.

And since I work with tailwind, it would be nice not to have to change the respective markup classes manually for each project.

I hope that makes more sense :slight_smile:

Ahh I see now. So there is a way you can change those.

If you’re on October v2 or higher, you’ll see the options under the Editor settings.

You can add and delete them there.

Also make sure you have the options enabled in the toolbar:

Let me know if this helps

No, unfortunately not. There is only the list for ParagraphClasses. Unfortunately, there is no list for InlineClasses… but that has always been the case.

FYI: ParagraphClasses are, as the name suggests, classes that are assigned to the <p>.
InlineClasses, on the other hand, wrap e.g. the word with a <span> with the respective class.

That name is deceiving. I’ve used it on headers, spans, paragraphs and a bunch of stuff. so it should work.

screenshot for reference.

The selected text is a span

Nevermind, You’re right. It does work on headings though.