Error Check Permission to Write Assets

Hello, today is my 2nd day using October CMS v1.x
Everything was fine at first.

On 2nd day, all started with difficulty of saving my CSS file, then I can’t create any file on my assets.
I have reinstall but still, I can’t save any new file under assets. It said:
“Error, please check write permission”.

Please help

Hi, this seems unrelated to OC and more like a filesystem permissions issue. Could you specify what kind of development / server you are using?

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I use windows, at first its working just fine but suddenly my changes can’t be applied and then I can’t make any file on assets. I tried using Linux on virtual box, but right after I install it, I can’t create any file

I’m surprised to see this error on localhost; especially on Windows, but what @federico.schafer said is most likely correct. Whenever you’re trying to make changes throughout the backend Apache user will try to override the file. Obviously we don’t know your exact system setup, so it’s hard to say anything specific. I’d advise checking if the directory is password protected, or weather there are some issues with the Apache user.