Extend SEO plugin for Careers

I’m using this 2 plugins ( GitHub - fytinnovations/oc-careers: Public repository for docs and issues and GitHub - utopigstudio/octobercms-plugin-seo: Multilanguage SEO plugin for October CMS. It supports CMS Pages, Static Pages and custom models.) . Is there anyone know how to extend SEO plugin, because I want to add a SEO for every position (job) that I have? I’ve already read " Support for custom models" but not clear for me…

Hey bojko91,

Here’s the documentation on how to extend plugins:

What do you want to do exactly? I don’t know these careers or SEO plugins.

It may would make sense to create something like an intermediate plugin first, where you are able to save data from the careers and SEO plugin.

Hi Bojko ,
I am interested assisting you extend the SEO plugin as needed.
Please connect further to discuss regarding the same

Good Day

We fix this with another plugin. For now works great.