Fake Emails Filling Out Webform

Hi everyone! Have any of you experienced issues with fake email addresses signing up for your eNewsletter? Recently, we’ve been dealing with approximately 100 such instances every week. Any insights or solutions would be appreciated

Typical spambots that flooded your website. Try using captcha.

a simple honey pot works well as well

Take a look in GitHub - blakej115/magic-forms: Create easy (and almost magic) AJAX forms

This plugin’s comes with captcha inside form. Maybe you can use this plugin or look at the code to see how captcha were implemented.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Thank you for your suggestion. I appreciate it.

Thank you for your suggestion. I appreciate it. We are in the process of implementing it again.

Chris I talked with our owners and we are going to implement a honeypot. Thanks again for your suggestion as I think this will be the best route for us.

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