Feature / Improvement: Email template partials

Hi guys,
i have a some idea, what will be probably good as new feature for e-mail templates.


When is used partial inside mail template, can we extend partial with “custom fields” like when we create template variables. And when e-mail template is created, this kind of partial will be included like snippets with form fields based on that variables, what is needed in included partial…

Currently we have multiple templates with partials, where we provide some kind of data, for example, list of products, blogs, passwords, etc. Sometimes this may be little bit tricky, for example, when we need to append multiple data and noone knows, what is needed for each partial that exists looooog time.

Our use case
We have partial for generate e-mail header with image, some title, subtitle, bodytext and button with link and CTA text. Nobody knows, what to fill when uses this partial, without openning that partial and checking whole code for all variables.

What u think?

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Yes, we can enhance the template registration methods to include variable definitions. Then we can provide a handbook—the Responsiv.Campaign plugin does something like this already.

I hope that’s what you mean!

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