Feature in Tailor

Hello everyone!

What I love to see as a new feature is a content preview/live preview content editing in backend like CraftCMS or Sanity.io provide. This would be in my opinion a great thing. I like this more than a frontend editing tool.

What does the community think about this?

Hi @MateThemes

You should submit this idea to the portal: https://portal.octobercms.com/

Also, there is a boxes plugin coming soon that can handle this type of requirement: https://boxes.offline.ch/

Hi @daftspunky

Thanks for the reply. I posted the feature to idea portal.

The new boxes plugin seems to be good, but it looks like more a visual page builder. My thought is to add a feature that adds the possibility to see a live preview of the website while the content creator is adding/changing the content.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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