Find out who was the Tailor entry edited by

Is there any way of checking the edit history for the entry? I’ve seen updated_user_id field, but it’s NULL across all my projects. Alternatively adding


to the save button functionality would do the trick - the question is where should I add this to affect all the blueprints?

Nothing bad happened yet, but just have had a ‘shower thought’ what happens once one of the clients set their backend password as ‘password’ or purposely break the project - how could I provide an evidence that potential malicious actions haven’t been done by my team?

Hi @Marcino

We are working on this a concept called “Content Owners” that should arrive in a version of October CMS soon. It covers the scenario where admins who create records can only manage their own records and not records created by other users. It will track the user that created the record and the last updated user.