Flashing menu when framework extras enabled

I had several websites running well up to version 3 (now on 3.0.60).
Now, all my navbars with dropdown menus have the same problem.
If include “framework extras” for the nice AJAX extras, the dropdown part of the menu just flashes quickly and disappears. This happens only if I visit the page following a link (or a redirect). If I just refresh the same page, everything works fine.
By using the web developer tools I noticed, that with the “framework extras” the loaded files are more. In the list I can see the files from the previous page:


Sorry, I can’t embed the list from the working page (new user on the new forum).
All files with initiator “framework-extras.js” are not there.

Any idea of what might cause this strange issue?
Any idea how I could further debug this issue?

I noticed also that the AJAX framework has a bit strange behavior. After a page request, the buttons work fine. Without the page request, I get like looping requests on buttons (with the data attributes api). The list of files loaded shows very similar like with the menus. A lot of files are loaded twice.
The only “workaround” is to disable the “framework extras”.

Hi @omninet ,

Try disabling the turbo routing extras feature by including this meta tag in the <head> section of the page:

<meta name="turbo-visit-control" content="disable" />

Hopefully it helps.

Perfect! The websites work again as expected. I don’t see the repeated file downloads, CSS and AJAX work fine again.
Thank you for the quick answer.