Form field span

In V1 you could use span: storm and then cssClass to lay out the fields in the backend forms. In V2 this carried on working ok although the option was removed from the docs. In V3 the docs say:

spanClass used with the span row option to display the form as a Bootstrap grid, for example, spanClass: col-xs-4.

The new way though either does not work at all or I am missing something. span:row treats every field as a new row. So spanClass is of limited use as its always a single field on a row.

I used the span: storm option a lot in V1 so migrating to V3 is painful unless I can find a way to get this to work. Thanks

Hey @axomat

In version 3, October CMS has been upgraded to use Bootstrap 5 and the “xs” class has been dropped.

Looks like we need to update the documentation. In this case, you just need to change col-xs-4 to col-4.

I hope this helps.

Ah ok, that makes complete sense.