Framework cache is getting too big

Hi! I want to ask if this cache behavior is normal.

In the backend I cleared the cache and these are default values:

After front page refresh the values ​​changed to:

And now every time I refresh the home page, the framework cache increases by ~100KB

After 1 month, the framework cache reaches 550,000 KB and loading the dashboard takes a very long time.

Should I do something to clear the cache automatically?

Website uses default cache driver (file). Website has 30-40 subpages. OC3

Well, if you cache everything forever and have a lot of cachable stuff, the cache gets big, that is normal.
And I guess the dashboard will take a long time because the report widget needs time to count your cache folder. But that shouldn’t have much of an impact for your actual site (well, up to a certain point - the filesystem is also not to keen on having millions of files ;-))

So you need to balance what you are caching and for how long or create a scheduled task that clears the cache when you have low traffic and then maybe something that re-caches everything (like e. g. the responsive images plugin has a command to pregenerate all images).

On my old website (on OC2) framework cache is about 3MB and it doesn’t increase every single time I refresh the site. I don’t know how to set it on OC3.

I assumed you’re using some kind of plugin with global cache settings, as I dont’ remember that report/dashboard widget from anywhere. I think you need to check the actual folder to find out what exactly is causing your cache to blow up (could be data, could be sessions) and to get to the root of the problem.

It looks like the Laravel cache (framework) is doing most of the work. Check which folder inside there is taking up all the space, if it is “sessions” you may need to check if the session time isn’t set for too long a duration.

Currently, the framework cache is 38 225 KB
storage/framework/cache - 3 190 KB
storage/framework/sessions - 132 KB

My plugins:

My env:

Ok - so its the Laravel cache, this could be anything. Open some random files inside the framework/cache/data until you see a pattern emerge. If you see the same type of cache structure multiple times, make a note of it. It may give some insight in to what’s taking up all the space.

I see code like this multiple times (I use the same component on different subpages):

1709907709s:2035:"a:5:{s:55:"IkonySSI_3bc56785011a96f589401ea290f1fd17_65e9cd7d0e4d0";a:3:{s:4:"code";s:55:"IkonySSI_3bc56785011a96f589401ea290f1fd17_65e9cd7d0e4d0";s:9:"component";s:29:"SSI\Sections\Components\Icons";s:10:"properties";a:8:{s:4:"name";s:22:"Ubezpieczenia Jachtowe";s:5:"inRow";s:1:"1";s:5:"limit";s:1:"1";s:8:"position";s:6:"center";s:5:"align";s:4:"left";s:4:"link";s:4:"full";s:11:"buttonStyle";s:9:"secondary";s:8:"cropMode";s:4:"none";}}s:56:"IkonySSI1_a02720c095b0544b0e0f466f30f5d679_65e9cd7d0f089";a:3:{s:4:"code";s:56:"IkonySSI1_a02720c095b0544b0e0f466f30f5d679_65e9cd7d0f089";s:9:"component";s:29:"SSI\Sections\Components\Icons";s:10:"properties";a:9:{s:4:"name";s:22:"Ubezpieczenia Jachtowe";s:5:"inRow";s:1:"1";s:5:"limit";s:1:"1";s:6:"offset";s:1:"1";s:8:"position";s:6:"center";s:5:"align";s:4:"left";s:4:"link";s:4:"full";s:11:"buttonStyle";s:9:"secondary";s:8:"cropMode";s:4:"none";}}s:56:"IkonySSI1_c5b23206555ebc4ab6f1e35675eb8574_65e9cd7d0fff3";a:3:{s:4:"code";s:56:"IkonySSI1_c5b23206555ebc4ab6f1e35675eb8574_65e9cd7d0fff3";s:9:"component";s:29:"SSI\Sections\Components\Icons";s:10:"properties";a:6:{s:4:"name";s:7:"Branże";s:5:"inRow";s:1:"3";s:8:"position";s:6:"center";s:5:"align";s:6:"center";s:4:"link";s:4:"full";s:8:"cropMode";s:4:"none";}}s:56:"IkonySSI2_fbf62b9dc5228c280ce0fa66c3dc603f_65e9cd7d10d0f";a:3:{s:4:"code";s:56:"IkonySSI2_fbf62b9dc5228c280ce0fa66c3dc603f_65e9cd7d10d0f";s:9:"component";s:29:"SSI\Sections\Components\Icons";s:10:"properties";a:6:{s:4:"name";s:24:"Produkty ubezpieczeniowe";s:5:"inRow";s:1:"3";s:8:"position";s:6:"center";s:5:"align";s:6:"center";s:4:"link";s:4:"full";s:8:"cropMode";s:4:"none";}}s:54:"FormSSI_ccfef6a44a69a2390aa1bf426a392ab3_65e9cd7d24ad2";a:3:{s:4:"code";s:54:"FormSSI_ccfef6a44a69a2390aa1bf426a392ab3_65e9cd7d24ad2";s:9:"component";s:28:"SSI\Sections\Components\Form";s:10:"properties";a:7:{s:4:"form";s:11:"contactForm";s:6:"layout";s:0:"";s:6:"button";s:0:"";s:4:"rows";s:0:"";s:11:"buttonStyle";s:0:"";s:10:"buttonSize";s:0:"";s:11:"buttonAlign";s:0:"";}}}";

There are also many files with short code like: 1709964236N;

Looks like it might be caused by this plugin…