From where do i add an svg to the builder plugin

I want to add custom SVG icons for builder plugin, in the controller menu right here, where do I put them and how do I retrieve them.


Looking at Offline.OpeningHours plugin;

        label: 'offline.openinghours::lang.common.hours'
        url: offline/openinghours/locations
        iconSvg: plugins/offline/openinghours/assets/plugin-icon.svg
        order: 800
            - 'offline.openinghours::manage'

See the key iconSvg.

Here are two suggestions:

  1. First, in your code editor, conduct a thorough search across your entire project to determine if any plugins have utilized it. In this particular case, you would look for instances of “iconSvg:”

  2. Alternatively, if your current project lacks a sufficient number of plugins, consider setting up another instance of OctoberCMS. Install several plugins, preferably targeting those endorsed by OctoberCMS Partners for potentially higher quality code. Then, repeat the search process outlined in the first suggestion.

The could eventually integrated AI search through plugins repo?

Ok got it is there a way to make the icon bigger as the icon is super small