Frontend timezone

in my cms.php config file, I set the timezone like this

    | Frontend Timezone
    | This acts as the default setting for a frontend user's timezone used when
    | converting dates from the system setting, typically set to UTC.

    'timezone' => 'Europe/Paris',

hence, when I display a date in a theme, should it be converted to Europe/Paris time ?

because it does not happen:

{{ item.date_start | date('d M Y - H:i') }}

is showing UTC time.

I once had the same issue. I think, I could solve it by setting the timezone on the server in the php.ini:

date.timezone = "Europe/Paris"

But I’m not sure if this solves this.

I think, if you don’t have the access to these server configurations, the hosting support should be able to help you.

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Try using the carbon() interface instead, since this will automatically convert to the configured timezone.

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