missing files used in project composer.json is missing files that previously installed trough plugin installation.
In this case it is rainlab/sitemap-plugin (v1.2.4)

What we are trying to do is to install a current project. This project has continuous development and is used for multiple customers (al with different licenses off course). Not being able to install a used plugin is not the ideal situation.

When i start composer installation i get the following error.

The "" file could not be downloaded (H  
  TTP/1.1 404 Not Found) 


Obviously this should not be happening. Version of a plugin should not be removed from the repo.

Hi @gldrenthe89

The plugin has moved locations to

Could this be coming from a stale composer.lock file?

Plugin has moved?? Why? a lock file is there to set and lock the specific version used. It should not move. Otherwise in case of recovery a install doesn’t work, because the needed file is gone.

Technically the plugin existed in two places, packagist and gateway. There is an option to select packagist when publishing a plugin.

The composer software (satis) used internally by the gateway does not make packages immutable, sadly. Composer also does not store the alternative location in the lock file.

It is a rare thing to happen, but not impossible, the same as deleting a version/tag. Updating the lock file should fix it.

Thanks for the explanation. I guess there is nothing we can do but to just try to reinstall trough composer and hope this wont happen to often.

Sorry, it was not directly related to this topic