Broken page editor

Can anyone help me why my page editor of a website looks like that? The editor seems to have disappeared.

Also when i check the editor settings, it’s in full. Can anyone assist?

I tested on my CMS everything is fine. it is somethink local.
Check the devtool console for any problem with JS.

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Thank you for replying, ah i noticed it was an SSL issue. When i turned off my ssl in cloudflare. It worked! Any permanent fixes for this one?

Here’s what it says on the console btw.

I dont know how to SSL might be in conflict with JS. I think is rather cloudfare. See cloudfare forum topic JS is not loading due to cloudflare

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okay thank you for your assistance. I have another issue in this form, can you help? :slight_smile: thank you, It’s about the Invalid credentials for ‘’, aborting

Your welcome. I have never problem with composer. Maybe it will help you missing files used in project composer.json - #6 by mcore