Getting started with October CMS on macOS

I have installed OctoberCMS on my iMac and I have been using MAMP PRO for my sites. Unfortunately I cant get my site to function on MAMP PRO.
What is the preferred method for creating and then accessing the new installation ?

Hi and welcome @ikoniq,

If you are using a Mac, we recommend the docker dev image:

Alternatively, you can use Laravel Sail:

For something more simple, you can use Laravel Valet:

I’m using Mamp Pro on MacOS for local development of october sites and it works wonderfully. Maybe if you detail what errors or problems your’re getting I can help you make it work.

Hi Federico. Thanks for your comments. It looks like I may have some sort of an issue with the site. - Back to the drawing board. It could be database related then.
Cheers and thanks again.

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