Getting support on purchased products

Hi all - newbie here - having tried October for creating a couple of small sites - worked a treat so I thought I would try building an e-commerce site using shopaholic and its associated products. The backend seems fine - created products etc. so I thought I would buy the sneakers theme to get guidance on how to structure a front end etc.

It’s obvious that the theme hasn’t been updated to use V3, having to make changes to code & templates due to syntax changes. For example $.request no longer exists as a function in my build??

My question is how do we get support on those products? I paid $100 for the theme but clicking on the support for this product just goes to the shopaholic board which seems to have no movement on it apart from tumbleweed

This concerns me - is October & Shopaholic dead in the water? How do I get my money back?

Thanks for advice


The developers are somewhat active in the discord under the channel lovata-shopaholic

Here’s a link to the discord server

$.request should work in v3, perhaps something is amiss in the configuration.

Generally speaking, if you have trouble with author products that are not working, contact the October CMS helpdesk directly and they can investigate: Contact Us - October CMS

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