Help! Simple step by step instruction on how to save an October CMS installation and playing it into a new one

Hello guys, is there a simple instruction on how to safe all relevant folder from FTP and on how to make a copy of the October Database and how to play it into a new installation?

Ideally v1 to v2 and v3 but at this stage even something limited in scope would help. In WP there are backup solutions that can restore a fully working installation - they only need a virgin WP install and the backup plugin - I assume something like this doesent exists for October so I will need some idiotproof instruction on how to do this :frowning:

Any help is appreciated! Thx!

Here’s an article on how to update from v1 to v2: Release Note 13: October CMS 2.0 - Upgrade Guide - October CMS

And here’s an article on how to update to v3 from v2: Release Note 30: October CMS 3.0 - Upgrade Guide - October CMS

Database export depends on the software you use but generally a full database export will work if you import it to the SAME version of October CMS.

Saving content from OCS is simple though. Just make sure you copy the whole install (including storage if you need it) to back it up. It’ll be a big folder, but it’ll ensure that everything will work correctly.

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Thanks so much! This helps me A LOT!

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