How can I seed a global blueprint?

Hello, everyone,

I noticed that the documentation only explains how Entry Blueprints can be seeded. I would need to seed globals though. Is that possible?

Greetings, Raphael

Hi Raphael,

This is a good point. There is no import or export models for globals yet. We will look at including one in a later release. For now, it may be possible to roll your own in the app/models directory. See the following documentation on these model types:

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+1 for this, I was creating a theme with some default global blueprint on install and I just discovered your thread that change lot of things :disappointed_relieved:

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+1, this would be really useful

Reporting back on this. We have improved the system to support importing Global Records. This will be introduced in v3.4 arriving soon.

Importing Tailor Globals

The class Tailor\Models\EntryRecordImport has been renamed to Tailor\Models\RecordImport, although both classes are available to avoid a breaking change. This means global blueprints can be imported using the new generic model instead. The class will automatically detect if the supplied blueprint UUID is a global or an entry.

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