How can use Scout with Octobercms?


I’ve been trying to use Scout with Algolia in my website but it never worked. I appreciate it if someone can explain how this can be possible.


Hey @salahassi

Sure, it should be possible. There is an article on this here:

Hi Daft,

I tried it with no luck in getting it correctly. Can you give an example how I should do it for Scout with Algolia?

What issue are you confronting while doing it ?

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@apinard The application doesn’t see the classes, whenever I try to use the service it says not found

@daft @apinard I truly appreciate it if you could help me with this task since I have it stuck since two weeks.

As per Laravel’s documentation, Searchable trait needs to be implemented on the models which are desired to be indexed and searchable. In my case, I need to implement this search functionality on Tailor generated Posts.


I tried to implement it on the EntryRecord model (which I don’t need it all) and ran the import command on the model but it didn’t work

Is there any working example that I can check or use? or what should I do to make it work?


Scout can be seen as an overengineered solution. Have you considered using the searchWhere query method (eg: or the SiteSearch plugin?

I think it has Tailor integration already.

Thanks @daft for your reply. The main purpose why I used Scout is to be able to use Algolia in my application. I don’t think SiteSearch supports it, correct?

Hey @salahassi

That’s right, Scout would be needed for Algolia integration. Tailor doesn’t currently support this, you can contact the October CMS support team to get them to integrate it for you. Here is the contact link: Contact Us - October CMS