How do i get the translated content using API

Hello everyone!
Im having some issues with getting localized content from API. Currently we have rainlab translate plugin and we need to set up routes to use in VUE to get localized content but I’m having issues getting the translated content.

Here are the locales we have set.
And here I’m trying to access them but it always defaults to default locale and I cannot access latvian translations (lv).

use RainLab\Translate\Models\Locale;
use RainLab\Translate\Classes\Translator;

Route::get('locale-test', function() {
    $user = Blog::first();

    return response()->json($user, 200, [], JSON_PRETTY_PRINT);

For a model I have set all fields as translatable using this .

public $implement = [

    public $translatable = [];

    public function __construct(array $attributes = [])

        // Get all fields from the database table
        $tableColumns = $this->getConnection()->getSchemaBuilder()->getColumnListing($this->getTable());

        // Exclude non-translatable fields, such as primary key, timestamps, etc.
        $translatableFields = array_diff($tableColumns, ['id', 'created_at', 'updated_at']);

        // Assign translatable fields
        $this->translatable = $translatableFields;

I guess try

return response()
    ->json($user->getTranslateAttributes('lv'), 200, [], JSON_PRETTY_PRINT);