How do you transfer Tailor content

Hey there,

I changed my development workflow, and now using Tailor quite often. How do you transfer Tailor content from Stage to Prod?

Is there something like a import/export function for single models?

There should be an import/export button on Tailor models via the backend if you’re using it. It works pretty well for getting the data from from Stage to production. Picture below for reference

But for the type “single” I don’t have a list view.

Ah In that case you can’t.

Best bet in this case is to import the tables through SQL directly

We’re planning on a backup feature that should make this a lot easier:

You might be able to try doing it this way. Assuming your backend URL name is “/admin”:

  1. Locate the slug name for the single (eg: page_about)
  2. Open the admin route /admin/tailor/bulkactions/page_about/export to export
  3. Open the admin route /admin/tailor/bulkactions/page_about/import to import
  4. Cross fingers

I hope this helps.


This is exactly what I looked for. Absolutely perfect :pray:

This also enables to quickly copy complex structures from Site A to Site B. For example, when I have some different templates for some content models. Like Landing Pages with demo content.