How does work $hasOneThrough?

I am trying to use this relationship type in my models such as:
One Job belongs to a Client
One Job has many Sessions
Session belongs to One Job

I would like to retrieve the client through the job inside the session form.
in the model Session, I then define:

public $hasOneThrough = [
        'client' => [
            'through' => \Inherent\CoachCamp\Models\Job::class,

but this does not work, I have a long SQL error on the backend when trying to open up a session form detail.

"SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'inherent_coachcamp_jobs.session_id' in 'field list' (SQL: select `inherent_coachcamp_clients`.*, `inherent_coachcamp_jobs`.`session_id` as `laravel_through_key` from `inherent_coachcamp_clients` inner join `inherent_coachcamp_jobs` on `inherent_coachcamp_jobs`.`id` = `inherent_coachcamp_clients`.`job_id` where `inherent_coachcamp_jobs`.`session_id` = 4 and `inherent_coachcamp_clients`.`deleted_at` is null limit 1)" on line 669 of /Users/christophevidal/Sites/oc-chrisvidalcoaching/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Database/Connection.php

or I have this error as well in some case:

Call to undefined method October\Rain\Database\Relations\HasOneThrough::getSimpleValue()

This error looks like it might be coming from a specific form widget. Take a look at the test plugin for an example of hasManyThrough:

The Country model has Posts through a User. If you can reproduce the problem here, we can look at fixing it.

I hope this helps.

thanks @daftspunky
I think my understanding of the purpose of this relationship does not match my requirement, or it does not make sense in my tables to have these different ids setup as requested.

Yes, you are right. You need a regular relationship with custom keys.

Maybe something like this:

Session extends Model
    public $hasOne = [
        'client' => [
            'key' => 'job_id',
            'otherKey' => 'job_id'