How to access single entries in twig

After creating a single entry in Tailor, i cannot find a way to access the filed in a page using twig.
Any help?

This is the single entry yaml.

uuid: 69ca8277-ff35-4f79-a7d3-bec02eaf7f26
handle: Pages\Home
type: single
name: Home Page
drafts: true

    label: Home Page
    icon: icon-building
    order: 120

        label: Introduction Title
        type: textarea
        size: small
        label: Introduction Body
        type: richeditor
        size: huge
        label: Introduction Image
        type: fileupload
        mafFiles: 1

Hi and welcome @Side2Side,

Using a section component with a hard-coded handle should do the trick. Here is an example:

url = "/home"
layout = "default"
title = "Home Page Page"
meta_title = "{{ homePage.title }}"

[section homePage]
handle = "Pages\Home"
<h1>Welcome Home: {{ homePage.intro_title }}</h1>

{{ homePage.intro_body|raw }}

Thank you, it worked.