How to connect css depending on language?

I need to connect different css files for different languages.
I tried to do it in this way
{% if activeLang == “en” %}
link href=“{{ [‘assets/css/en.css’]|theme }}” rel=“stylesheet”
{% elseif activeLang == “uk” %}
link href=“{{ [‘assets/css/uk.css’]|theme }}” rel=“stylesheet”
{% endif %}
Can somebody help me? My code doesn’t work.

instead of activeLang use and… of course if you use logic like {$locale}.css then you can simplify

// wrong url ...
<link href="{{ 'assets/css/' ~ ~ '.css'|theme }}" rel="stylesheet">
// returns first part 'assets/css' ... then generated url to theme folder...

correct solution (sorry my bad)

{% set stylesheet = 'assets/css/' ~ ~ '.css' %}
<link href="{{ stylesheet|theme }}" rel="stylesheet">
// correct generation of stylesheet url

Thank you very much for the answer.
It seams to be exactly what I need.
But it doesn’t work properly. Below is two sreenshots to demonstrate the problem.

And the second screenshot

This solutions works for me.
link href=“{{ url(‘/’) }}/themes/golem-agency/assets/css/{{}}.css” rel=“stylesheet”

It is not perfect, but it works :slight_smile:
If anybody know how to fix the previous one, please reply to this conversation.

Thank you all for help.

try this instead

{% set stylesheet = 'assets/css/' ~ ~ '.css' %}
<link href="{{ stylesheet|theme }}" rel="stylesheet">

It works perfectly.
Thank you :wink: :grinning:

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