How to have a dynamic $listConfig variable?


I’m trying to have a controller with a dynamic $listConfig variable depending on some context.

I tried something like this :

public $listConfig = $this->getListConfig() with my logic in getListConfig, but I get an error :

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So I tried to define it in the constructor like this :

public $listconfig;

public function __construct() {
    $this->listConfig = $this->getListConfig();

but I get this error :

Class Me\Mymodule\Controllers\Records must define the property $listConfig used by the behavior Backend\Behaviors\ListController.

I’m stuck here and don’t know what is the right way to have some logic to have a dynamic $listConfig variable.

If you have some suggestions to give me

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I finally found the solution, the first one works, you just have to define you listConfig in the constructor before calling parent::_construct. So I give something like this :

public $listConfig = [];
public function __construct() {
    // Define dynamic $listConfig
    $this->listConfig = $this->getListConfig();


This also works. Override the method in your controller:

public function listGetConfig($definition)
    $config = $this->asExtension('ListController')->listGetConfig($definition);

    // ... Do stuff

    return $config;

As an addition…

If you are looking to change the formConfig, listConfig or relationConfig based on some conditions/roles, you can also do it in Plugin.php.


public function boot() {

AuthorName\PluginName\Controllers\ControllerName::extend(function($controller) {

            if (!$controller instanceof \AuthorName\PluginName\Controllers\ControllerName) {

            $user = \BackendAuth::getUser();
            $code = $user->role->code;
            if ($code == 'super_user') {
                $controller->formConfig = '$/AuthorName/PluginName/Controllers/ControllerName/config_form_super_user.yaml';
                $controller->listConfig = '$/AuthorName/PluginName/Controllers/ControllerName/config_list_super_user.yaml';
                $controller->relationConfig = '$/AuthorName/PluginName/Controllers/ControllerName/config_relation_super_user.yaml';
            else {
                $controller->formConfig = '$/AuthorName/PluginName/Controllers/ControllerName/config_form_regular.yaml';
                $controller->listConfig = '$/AuthorName/PluginName/Controllers/ControllerName/config_list_regular.yaml';
                $controller->relationConfig = '$/AuthorName/PluginName/Controllers/ControllerName/config_relation_regular.yaml';