How to increase website speed?

hello everyone, i am new here and do not know is this the right place to ask this query or not but i hope i will get a positive response, i started a blog, every thing was going good but from the last month i am facing a issue is that in my blog content takes too much time to load, i do not know why this happen, i also connect with the hosting provider but i am not very satisfied with the solution they provided, i also search thi issue on the internet and some says reduce the image size and many more thing but the issue will remain same, i am very frustrated about this, because this affect the traffic as well, i do not know why this happen, can any one please help me how can i fix this issue?

Thank You


Hi, without seeing the site no one will be able to help you. i would suggest you do a lighthouse report and then see what it tells you.


What blog plugin you are using?
I suggest to switch to

Becsuse it used caching.
You can make test page and compare differences.

And yes please send report from

It will give more insides.

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How are you reducing the image sizes? If you’re using October v2.x and up, it comes with a resize filter that resizes the images on the fly.

Also, consider combining all javascript files into one. There is documentation on that as well but depends on the version of OctoberCMS you’re using

One last thing. Try the following plugins:

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