How to remove plugin via shared host

I know that I can use this command php artisan plugin:remove plugin name on local machine but my website is hosted on shared host. What is the correct method of removing plugins ?

This has helped me so far: Plugin Management from the Deploy Console in RainLab.Deploy on OctoberCMS · GitHub

keep in mind, this is using the Deploy plugin.

Thank for the suggestion, I copied and edit the code

Artisan::call('plugin:remove', ['name' => 'October.Demo', '--force' => true]);
echo Artisan::output();

into the Deploy plugin console and ran the code. The error says composer not found. Is this how you do it or I am missing something else? The shared host has cPanel and I think composer are only available on VPS with ubuntu server install etc?

Ahh, I missed the “Shared Hosting” part. So the easiest way to remove the plugin is to use the Shared hosting file manager, navigate to the plugins directory, and delete the plugin folder.

Next step would be to put the site in debug mode, then go into the Backend (Backend > System Updates) and then click “Manage Plugins” Check the one that you removed, then on the “Select Action” button, click “Reset Plugin Data”

That’s a lot to uninstall a plugin, I know, but those steps should get it removed from the site.

Make sure to set debug mode to false afterwards.


Thank you for the suggestion and marked this solved. Thank you.

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