How to retrieve the dropdown option label on frontend


I have a list of items in a dropdown that I have created using Tailer for some feature, the dropdown is static like below:

        label: Account Type
        type: balloon-selector
            public_page: Public Page
            personal_account: Personal Account

When the entry is retrieved on frontend, the key of the option will be shown public_page or personal_account. Is there anyway to map it with the already existing list or I need to create another mapping on frontend?

Please note that I’m also using multi-site features, so I need something that works with it.


Hey @salahassi

This is a tricky one. In this case, I would specify the options twice; duplicating the data would be much easier and simpler.

Thank you daft for your reply. Yes, I did exactly that; however, I would recommend a new feature where lists can have auto generated references/components to use them on other places seamlessly.

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Yeah I see what you mean

A couple of options, maybe something like _label prefix, so,this will return the selectable value if one is available

{{ record.account_type_label }}

Or a method might be less magical

{{ record.selectableValue('account_type') }}

Problem is: it is a hard concept to communicate in the documentation and duplicating the options in both places makes it easier for other developers to understand.

It would be nice if there is some way to tell the developer to look at the blueprint to know what value they expect to see…

{{ blueprintOptionValue(record, 'account_type') }}

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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