How to turn off multi-select in repeater?

I have a group repeater, the list of its elements does not fit on the screen, because of this, the manager inadvertently deleted accidentally marked elements. I need to disable multi-selection for this repeater. Or disable for everyone except the administrator.

Temporary solution:


            label: 'konvertagency.landing::lang.pages.content'
            style: collapsed
            span: full
            prompt: 'konvertagency.landing::lang.interface.add_item_landing'
            type: repeater
            groups: $/konvertagency/landing/models/page/listcontent.yaml
            displayMode: builder
            cssClass: checkbox_disable


.checkbox_disable .field-repeater-group .repeater-item-dropdown {
    flex-grow: 1;
    cursor: default;
.checkbox_disable .field-repeater-group .repeater-item-checkbox {
    display: none;

This is a good solution to hide the checkboxes. Perhaps it would also be useful to include a counter in the confirmation window:

Delete 2 selected item(s). Are you sure?