How to Update October v1 to v2/v3 with Deploy plugin


I thought, I will make a short instruction here on how to update october v1 to v2 with deploy plugin, because I experienced some issues, which got solved with the help of the october team. I thought, I could share this here.

You may want to watch the video from october about the deploy plugin here, to get some information on how it should be used:

If you prefer a step by step HOWTO in text, you may follow the steps here on how I was able to perform the major update with deploy plugin:

  1. Duplicate webpage v1 on shared hosting server with new subdomain, so there’s no downtime and you are able to test before you switch to the new version (I really duplicated all the files on new subdomain and implemented a new database with the same data from the october v1. Don’t forget to change the database name and maybe credentials to new generated one on the duplicated page, so each page has its own files and database.)

  2. Setup a new October CMS v2 on your local server with database from page v1 (I followed instruction from here: Installation - October CMS - 2.x. I just took a dump of the database from the server and installed it on my local environment and put the name and credentials of this DB to local v2 page installation when asked.)

  3. Copy storage, own themes and own plugins to v2 local page from v1 page. (For this step I followed instructions here: Release Note 13: October CMS 2.0 - Upgrade Guide - October CMS. Of course I had my v1 page files downloaded on my machine via FTP for this.)

  4. Install other (not own. e.g. RainLab.Pages) plugins used for the page on local v2 page.

  5. Install deploy plugin on local v2 page.

  6. You may consider doing a backup on the server before proceeding.

  7. Download beacon from local v2 page and deploy it to v1 page on server on subdomain page (if you wonder: you need to overwrite the index.php file and the bootstrap folder with beacon files on server)

  8. Check that beacon is connected and follow the steps in the deploy plugin interface on local v2 version.

  9. Don’t forget to also deploy the config files (I missed this step in first place. The page was working somehow without this, but I experienced several issues, like uploading files to plugins.)

  10. What was also an issue then: the SMTP didn’t work anymore on just updated page. I solved that by deleting the vendor folder on duplicated (now) v2 page on subdomain on shared hosting server and deployed again the core files. (I don’t know if this step is needed, as I forgot the config files, like I explained in step 9. Maybe the SMTP works with the config files.)

  11. Test everything and if it’s working, switch the subdomain to the actual domain you used before. (I kept my old v1 page then on another subdomain, to perform a rollback if everything fails.)

Well, this is how I managed it and my page is working now with october CMS version 2.x. Of course there may be a better way or maybe I forgot something. I’m happy to hear about that here.


By the way:
This also works with updating from 1.x to 3.x. I was surprised, but it works.

What I needed to do, was to remove and upload the vendor folder from the local instance via FTP to the server.

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