How to use the same richeditor in backend forms that's used in the static pages plugin

In the static pages editor there are paragraph styles, and quote buttons (there’s also the richeditorsnippets plugin that I have installed)

Is it possible to get these toolbar buttons in the defualt backend forms richeditor?


It seems I have to manually set all the wysiwyg option in the toolbarButtons paramter in the fields.yaml.

  label: My Field
  type: richeditor
  toolbarButtons: snippets

This works but, it’s not ideal to have to set all the buttons for every richeditor defined on the backend. So my new question now is.

Is there a way to set the default toolbarButtons options for the richeditor?

Answered by Ruben.

You can set the default toolbarButtons in the backend settings UI. See screenshot below.

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