How Using OctoberCMS without the CMS Module


I want to konw how using OctoberCMS without the CMS Module. I want only to use the Backend of OctoberCMS, without the CMS module and i want my application accessible from the root domain. i.e.


Hi @ridha82

There is a LOAD_MODULES environment variable you can use to include only the modules you want to use, or you can simply not include the cms directory found in the modules directory.

I hope this helps!


thank you for your answer, but I did that (‘load_modules’ => “System,Backend”,), I also left the backend_uri variable to empty (‘uri’ => env(‘BACKEND_URI’, ‘’),) but it still doesn’t work. when I access to “” i have page not found and when I access “应用宝官网-全网最新最热手机应用游戏下载” it works