Image gallery with Tailor

Hey everyone!

I want to build an image gallery with tailor. As I am quite new to tailor I am not sure how to build.

The images don’t need a slug or url. They are just in a page ‚gallery‘.

Which type of tailor fits best for that need?

Just one mode:image field - fileupload or mediafinder. Take a look at blog/post-content.yaml in demo theme.

Yeah I know but which type of tailor entry I should use? Standard entry or?

The one relevant for “page .gallery” - most flexible will be “block” mixin to put in any blueprint type, or type:single for standalone page etc.
I suggest going through full Tailor introduction: Introduction - October CMS - 3.x

Thank you for your anwser.

If I want to paginate the gallery (e.g. only 10 images per site) that won’t work with type:single or the builder. Am I right?

Don’t know, never tried paginating attachMany models (from fileupload). This Twig function looks interesting: pager() - October CMS - 3.x