Images, SEO, webp & Title tags

New to October.

I notice on the site I’m working on that images are converted to webp.

I’m wondering about how to maintain the meta data and file name from the original jpg files so its still ‘useful’ to Google / SEO.

I’m also told that image ‘title’ tags are not supported, is this true or is there a way around this?

Thank you


The resize(r) doesnt keep the original file name. Also had several client requests to may solve this. An idea would be, to re-arrange the resizer url path. For example like this:

…/resize/the-resizer-id-xxxx/original-name.<jpeg, webp, png>

Also I would love a feature to add (meta) content to a file. Like WordPress is doing it. But currently we do not keep file tree within the database - so this is currently not easy doable I guess.

Thank you.

How do we ‘re-arrange the resizer url path’

Is this a major issue with regards to SEO?

If the image does not contain any of the data, like useful filename, meta data contained therein like a jpg, option for ‘Title tag’ then how does Google now what these images are?

Surely the image content lacks the information to help rank in SEO and re-enforce the sites content.

If you can comment further on this it would be much appreciated.

Thank you

I guess this is not a major issue for SEO. But a nice to have.

For me this is a feature request to OctoberCMS - or especially the resizer module.

I feel its quite important from an SEO point of view?

There are many other more important things for SEO. Image file names are only much important, if you want optimize your website (images) for the google image search.

In other words:
If your SEO strategy main point is, that people find your website/content via google image search, then its important. Otherwise not even close to important.