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I have created several content types in my October CMS project, using Tailor blueprints. Everything seems to be working fine.
Now I need to find a way to mass import the content from a legacy WordPress site, which has similar post types defined.
WordPress can export the content to an XML format, so I have to figure out how to quickly import the data into my CMS.
Maybe someone here in the forum knows about some plugin, script or other method to simplify the importing task. I would greatly appreciate your help with this matter.

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If I remember correctly, each tailor blueprint has a way you can import via JSON. WordPress’s XML format is pretty similar to JSON. You would just need to restructure it based on how you want to import it.

What I suggest you do is export some files in your current tailor blueprint setup and see how the format is.

I personally had issues doing this when it comes to info that lives in another tables that the posts in wordpress. For example, importing the featured image, the related categories and posts. That’s where it gets tricky. I ended up creating the records manually, but I also think having a way to import from wordpress would be a game changer to finally convincing clients to move away from wordpress.

I’ve spent some time trying to export data from wordpress, but they have no consistency… the plugins are using different data formats and everything’s written to the same db table which usually has around 300.000 rows. If you’ve managed to obtain XML file you can try using free converters like

and import JSON into the Tailor stream or structure. Both of them are accepting JSON and CSV formats

I’d appreciate an update as it may be really useful for the future projects!

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