Importing multiple images in a repeater field in CSV

I’m trying to import records from CSV in a Tailor blueprint and I can’t seem to figure out how to format the input for a list of images, stored in a repeater field.

I tried to export said list and it appears as a list of paths separated by a vertical bar “|” (pipe) character but when I try to import a CSV with this format, it just ends up as a string.

For example, say in the database, I have an entry with a gallery column that show up like this:

When I export that column in a CSV file from the backend interface and open the resulting file, the column shows up like this:

So I create a new CSV file from a Google Sheet, for example, gathering my data as I want, and export it to CSV making sure the column follows the previous format, but when I try to import that file into my blueprint, I get the following in the database instead:

How can I import an array column from a CSV file?