Installing Plugin resulted in Error

I tried to install the Mall-plugin by offline by using the instructions of the docs.

php artisan plugin:install rainlab.user
php artisan plugin:install rainlab.location
php artisan plugin:install rainlab.translate
php artisan plugin:install offline.mall

The installation of the required plugins User, Location and Translate by RainLab worked fine.
But then the offline.mall installation returned the following error.

Now I cannot remove the plugin or any of the other installed plugins (perhaps because they are required by the offline.mall?). When I try, it just returns the same error.


I also cannot enter the backend of my website anymore…

Well, the plugin said it wasnt tested on October V3, but I thought I can give it a try…
Anyways, I would be glad if someone knows a way to resolve this mess. :cold_sweat:

Thanks and have a great day!

This plugin doesn’t work with OCMS V3.

Yeah. Seems like it.

Now I am trying to figure out how to remove it again.
The usual php artisan plugin:remove plugin doesn’t work anymore showing the same error.

Class "October\Rain\Support\Facades\Schema" not found

Next time I will use only plugins, which are supported. Another lesson lerned. XD

Removing with composer should work

composer remove offline/oc-mall-plugin