Instance no longer sends e-mails

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The following problem:
When I send mails with mail(“”, “title”, “body”) from a plugin, it works. If I want to send with Mail::rawTo(“”, “body”), it only creates a log entry for me.

The mail settings are as follows (mail address changed):

The log entry looks like this (mail address changed):

This no longer works since switching to v3.1. Where can I find more logs?

The server itself runs several OctoberCMS instances, the others have no problems.




One thing to check is if your config/mail.php file is up to date. Here is the latest version:

We have noticed if this file has not been updated, sending mail can sometimes not work correctly in Laravel 9.

Hello daftspunky

Replacing the mailconfig has unfortunately not brought any success. Mails are still only saved in the log file. Do you have any other ideas or log files so that the error can be found better?

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No problem. The next thing to try is to navigate to Settings → Mail Settings and click the “Reset to Default” button. This should restore the database configuration to the file-based configuration.

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately I have tried this before (and again before). Unfortunately, it still goes into the log file. This confuses me, is there a Mail.log why it goes into this file? Are normal mails also logged or must there be a mandatory setting here so that the mail is only logged?

I was able to fix the problem by re-downloading all the website files via composer and then migrating the website to the new downloaded core.

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I’m glad you got this solved, and thanks for reporting back with your solution.