Integrate React website template with October CMS 2.0 themes - step by step if possible

Hi all,

We are now on our way to rebuild our website based on React. Our question, as beginers in this type of webpage build technology is, how can we integrate the React website into October CMS. We need the exact workflow if possible because it seems very different from what we were dealing with the classic websites themes (just setup the assets, broke the HtmL into peaces like header…footer etc).

Thank you in advance.

Hey web22,

Would VueJS be also an option? Because there’d be this tutorial:

Here would be a theme, that uses ReactJS:

The thing is, that it’s only tested for OC v1.x. But it may be a help for you.

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Thanks for your answer. I saw the Minimal React too but doesn’t really help… Hope we will manage to integrate the template and after this we will make a step by step tutorial for helping other React enthusiasts :slight_smile: .

All the best.