Introducing October CMS Free License

We’re excited to announce that October CMS is now providing a Free License for every account, regardless of whether you’re a new user or have been with us for some time!

In our ongoing mission to make October CMS as accessible as possible, this license offers you the freedom to develop any project, from a personal blog to a business website, and everything in between. The best part? This Free License is ideal for both nonprofit and commercial projects, completely free of charge.

Learn more about the Free License: Introducing October CMS Free License - October CMS


I appreciate your decision, it’s great news! Free annual license. Thumb up. :+1:

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@alexey.bobkov Docker image limitations will be removed?

The Docker image still requires a valid license to remove the limitations. You can use the Free License for that purpose.

We want to clarify that we’re not making October CMS entirely free. We provide a Free License for every account, which allows you to build one project. Please refer to the Free License page for details.

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Thank you for your reply.

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Is the new free license policy like one year of free trial?

Incredible decision to get newcommers and growth the OCMS community :+1:

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Hi @meysam, thank you for the question. The Free License is not a trial and can be used for a real project, including a commercial one. There are no limitations on the license use or the features it provides. When the license expires, you are legally allowed to continue running the website indefinitely. You will only need to extend the license if you wish to update the platform or plugins after it has expired.