Inverse relation data based on structure

Hi. Im trying to get list of items based on inverse relation definition. For better understanding i will provide an example of usage.

Definition of Category to fetch related posts in inverse relation

type: structure
name: Category
drafts: false
    maxDepth: 3
   type: entries
   source: Articles\Post
   inverse: categories
   hidden: true

Definition of Articles\Post where categories is defined as

type: entries
source: Articles\Category

When you look at category definition, structure can have nested items, and when you wish to fetch all items in any parent element, relation wont return any items, only direct relation based on specific category id list.

Expected output
All nested items may be generated as additional list of IDs to get correct results.

Question is, is this an issue or hidden feature?

Hey @snipi

The inverse property is intended to be a read-only field, so I’m not sure it will generally render in the UI. We can take a look at this as a known issue.