Issue concerning image order when saving backend forms

Hello, I’ve ran into a peculiar issue recently.

When someone drag and drop multiple images in a fileUpload field, the images appear in a certain order in the fileUpload box/section, but when we save the backend form, the order of these images are changed (no longer how they first appeared).

It’s a problem for us because we need the order to stay the way it was arranged in the form.

Does anybody know why this happens? is there a fix or is there a way to reorder manually before save?

bellow is an image illustrating my problem:

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Hi @David

Thanks for your post. To confirm is this using October v2 or v3?

Hello, thanks for the answer!

We’re using version 2 for the moment since we need to modify a couple of things before making the switch to the new version.

No worries. This has indeed been fixed in v3 and should be resolved after upgrading.

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I have same issue on V2, but now cant upgrade to v3. Can you please advise me how to fix it manually? Thank you


Unfortunately the fix is not compatible with v2 since it required a refactor of the internals. It seems to be an intermittent problem when sorting occurs too quickly, as a workaround, perform one slow sort movement at the very end to lock in the order of everything. Hopefully it helps in the meantime.