Issue wirth file uploads

With builder plugin we have set up a custom plugin in the local development this upload button works but when it was uploaded to server now it doesn’t work the upload file dialog doesn’t open. this currently is on all of the upload boxes. There are no errors there are no logs also

  • The screenshot is from your server?

I thought that maybe the user didn’t have permission to access the media library :


But if I’m not wrong, it usually manifest by removing the “Upload” button inside the field.

  • There is no error in the browser console ?


  • Fileupload is using Dropzone library

i have checked all the premissions im the owner and others are developers all permission set to allowed.
And in the logs we have something but its on the side of the vue.
But when I opened the model page to add content I got 2 errors refusing to execute scripts.

Do you have any ideas what these errors are

did you find a solution? I am facing the same issue suddenly.
The media file upload button works fine but not the other file upload.

From what i understand it was an issue with server read and write permissions, I couldn’t understand why was that.
I have for example the attachOne function and you need to set permission to this folder “System/models/files” to allow writing and reading. Or else the file upload dialog will not be trigered and it won’t show in the dev console as an issue. But keep in mind that it all depends on the server as we have a linux server and safety protocols, it might differ for you.
public $attachOne = [
‘flag_thumb’ => ‘System\Models\File’

Thanks @Edijs I solved my problem with restarting my google chrome.

To prevent mime type errors, manually add .css and .js at the end of concatenated files you load

Like that :

<link href="{{ ['assets/css/reset.scss', 'assets/css/framework.scss', 'assets/css/styles.scss', 'assets/css/responsive.scss']|theme }}.css" rel="stylesheet" />

And for js :

<script defer src="{{ ['assets/js/core.js', 'assets/js/custom.js']|theme }}.js"></script>