Issue with 3.6 version [Skin was causing the problem]


Trying to migrate from 3.5.15 to 3.6.2, I have an issue. A lot of controllers are not rendering properly.

For example, this one /cms/themes - where no modification have been made, it’s all out of the box :

I don’t see any 404 or error in the console when I inspect the page.

I tried;

  • clear my browser cache
  • use another browser in Incognito mode
  • php artisan cache:clear
  • php artisan view:clear
  • php artisan clear-compiled
  • I deleted files inside storage/cms/combiner/assets
  • deleted cache in Cloudfare

Any ideas ? Thank you

Hey @apinard

Just as a hint: this is v3.5 styles with a v3.6 installation.

I would like to get the 3.6 styles too :sweat_smile:

No version ships with this configuration, so your server has the v3.6 styles but is not delivering them accordingly.

Either that or another plugin (perhaps a skin?) injects some styles that expect v3.5.

It’s a mystery so far!

A Skin! I think that might be it. I will check tomorrow thank you.

The issue was the skin. Thanks again @daft.

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Hmm… I’m also seeing some display issues in the backend. Most notably when I search for something in the backend settings, the sidebar seems to go to the center?

I’ve set up some custom icons and colors in the backend branding section in a previous version. Do you consider this a skin? I apologize if I don’t understand completely.

Seems to only happen regardless if the nav is positioned on the left hand side.